Why Is Nutrition So Hard?

Why Is Nutrition So Hard?

One of the sad truths in fitness is that proper nutrition is both difficult and confusing.

The confusion comes as many food companies try to trick us into believing that their products are “sugar free”,”fat free”, or part of a “nutritious meal”. While most people have had little education on nutrition it’s hard to tell a lie from the truth.

At KillerFit, our combined years of nutritional education and experience can help guide you through the clutter. However, the knowledge is only halfway to success.

To truly embrace nutrition you need to plan and prep. Plan your meals so you know what you’re eating (calories, macros) and you are less likely to deviate from your plan. You must also prep a good portion of your daily and weekly meals so life does not derail you.

How often have you had the best of intentions only to have a meeting or something else disrupt your schedule. You then settle for “something quick” instead of sticking with the plan. It then happens more and more often until you’re off plan completely.

If meals are prepped and ready, not only does it save time and money, it’s the quickest way to achieving your goals.

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