Nutrition on Vacation

Nutrition on Vacation

People ask all the time,”What should I eat while I’m on vacation?” This is a very difficult topic and one that I am about to embark on myself.

My standard answer is to be cautious, but vacations are to be enjoyed so you need to splurge a little as well.  To be more specific; try to include more vegetables and salad in the buffet line if possible.  Drink clear alcohol with soda water and lime, and skip desserts.  Is that doable? Usually not.

I think the most practical advice is this.  Have a great time on your week away, and then be prepared to get right back to healthy eating and exercise immediately when you return.  As long as you can accept a slight physical set back, mentally you should be recharged and ready to re-engage.

Tomorrow I am off to Chicago, Boston and New York and hitting 5 baseball games in 6 days.  I know that I will eat a hotdog (or 5), I will have a beer (or many) but the experience will be worth it.  I am taking workout clothes as usual and I will be happy to report back as to how that goes. September 18th I will re-commit, but until then I will enjoy myself.

Live life people….enjoy yourself when you can.  And for the 48 week a year you’re not on vacation, work your ass off so you can flaunt your kick ass self when you do get away.

Yours in good Fitness,

KillerFit Team